About Us

The Living Room : A Mission to Tehachapi

Looking for a Home Church in Tehachapi for worship in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere? These past two years have been a sweet time together here at The Living Room fellowship! We are a “home church” enjoying beautiful times of worship together on our deck and inside the living room. And we have also had opportunities to worship, pray, sing, and serve others downtown in Tehachapi at the Park, and at the Bakery, and even at Love’s Truck Stop east of town, as a testimony to God’s goodness and grace. We want to know how the reality of the Kingdom of God can impact our community, our families, and our own lives!

We have a simple “mission strategy” to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and also bring healing to the hearts of others. We believe that over time we can have more and more influence for Christ and His Kingdom right in our own neighborhoods, our own streets!

We are living in a day when the Lord is stirring in remarkable ways to restore the church in our land. If you’re like us, you’ve experienced forms of institutionalized church that fall short in fulfilling Jesus’ mandate to “make disciples.”

Throughout our culture many who profess Christ “hold the form of religion, but deny the power of it” (2 Timothy 3:5). Too often the church leaders serve the best interests of the religious institution rather than the cause of Christ. As we look to fulfill the Lord’s call to us, we see the “house church” as a way of being the church that looks like the New Testament church.”Kyle Phillips, Pastor of Grace Fellowship, Tehachapi

We exist to share the love of Jesus Christ, and we provide “religious, charitable, and educational activities” to the people of Tehachapi and beyond. We provide opportunities to worship together, and minister to each other through group learning and study sessions,and Bible studies, that are conducted in homes using a Scriptural basis to improve communication skills in marriages and families, and to strengthen marriages and families. We develop a greater understanding of the Scriptures in individuals and families, and its application to daily living. We provide pastoral counseling to individuals and couples in a Christian environment, based upon Biblical principles. We encourage the community through charitable works and service activities. And we share the good news of Jesus Christ through available media to our community and beyond.

About twice a month we host a worship and prayer service at our home in Bear Valley Springs- a “house church” – for anyone who would like to join us. We sing and worship God together, pray for each other, and begin considering Christ’s teachings on the Kingdom of God. Each Sunday gathering is followed by a pot luck lunch where everyone stays, and talks, and gets to know each other! It’s great – a church home! Bring some food to share and then visit with others out on our deck overlooking Bear Valley. It’s beautiful! On other Sundays we meet in town to do service projects, or just stay home to spend time with our neighbors.

Here is our schedule in case you would like to join with us once in a while, or all of the time! Also come for our Thursday night Bible Study which is more “discipleship” oriented! We’d love to have you be a part of this!

Here are some minor details about coming to our home that you need to be aware of and consider for either Sunday mornings or for the couple’s study:

First, it’s just our home. It’s not a church building, so sometimes there’s no organized childcare. On Sunday mornings your children are welcome to worship and sing, and listen to God’s Word with you. But on Thursday night Bible Studies it would be best to get a sitter for your children.

Second, we will need to get you on the gate pass list, so we need to know when you want to come out to our home. Text me at (661) 972-5953 and I will get you in. Easy.

For those who have been to our home in the past for Bible studies or other fun events, you know that parking at the Cowan’s is difficult at best. So, on Sunday mornings, you are 55 or older, or if you have small children, please come all the way up the driveway and park at the top near our house. If you are young and healthy, please park near the street and walk up. It’s incredible exercise! And if you know someone who wants to donate a golf cart to us, please let us know. A golf cart and charger would really help to get people up and down the driveway! On Thursday nights it is not so crowded, so feel free to come on up and park near the house.

Finally, here’s how “The Living Room: A Mission to Tehachapi” is being funded. Right now it is supported by three or four families generously supporting our investment of time and work, and it is also funded by my working part-time providing professional counseling services here in Tehachapi, and also working another job part-time in Bakersfield for KAXL radio. I think they call it “tent making”. We are a California corporation for “religious purposes” so any donations are tax deductible if made out to “The Living Room.”

We would love to have you as partners in this mission to Tehachapi. Call us anytime.