Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why Don’t You Meet Every Week?
We have come to like the pace of meeting two or three times a month. We meet every other week at the Cowan’s and then usually once a month somewhere in town, like the City Park or the bakery. We also encourage our families to get together with neighbors and extended family for breakfast or lunch on those “off” Sundays – to visit, be refreshed, and “talk about God” with them. And finally, since we meet in our home, we simply cannot sustain the effort required to meet every week. We could do it for a while, but would not be able to sustain it month after month.

What Can You Tell Me About Doug Cowan?
Doug Cowan has been a pastor in Tehachapi for about 18 years, is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and has his doctorate in Psychology. When he is not leading The Living Room, Dr. Cowan has a private counseling practice where he provides professional Christian counseling to Tehachapi and Bakersfield. Doug was raised in a great Christian home, began to follow Jesus at an early age, and has a fairly boring testimony. To learn more, visit his website at DouglasCowan.me.

Are Donations to The Living Room Ministry Tax Deductible?
Yes. We are a 501c3 non-profit charity under the IRS, and a non-profit Religious corporation under the State of California.

Where Do You Meet?
We most often meet at the home of Doug and Susie Cowan, 27400 Oakflat Drive, in Bear Valley Springs. (661) 972-5953 for more information.

Will I Need a Gate Pass?
Yes, but we will take care of that. ┬áThe Gate Keepers know when we are meeting, and they will have an “Event” pass for you. ┬áJust tell them that you are going to the Cowan’s home for “The Living Room” Ministry, and they will give you a pass.