What a Great Day!

January 20, 2013

Sunday’s serviceWhat a great day we had together Sunday! Fifty-six of us together to worship, pray and share Scriptures to encourage each other, share testimonies, and continue our study through Mark’s Gospel.

One of our young men gave his heart to Christ!

Pot luck lunch for hours. Awesome day! We looked at Mark chapter 9, following the transfiguration. We looked at the contrasts that Mark points out between things like “Kingdom thinking vs Worldly thinking”; arguing vs being quiet; greatest vs least; first vs last; the LORD Christ vs a little child; valuable vs no value, and more.

Then we also looked for how Kingdom Thinking is on display in Mark. We noticed that value is found in service to others; that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be “great” but that it has to be done in accordance with Kingdom values (being like the King by being a servant); that hospitality, even for the least or littlest believer is honored in the Kingdom; that doing “great works” or “miracles” like casting out demons are all honored works in the Kingdom – but so is something as small as giving someone a cup of water honored, and rewarded in the Kingdom.

We also saw that the stuff of this life, and the sins of this life, are not worth the agony of Hell for eternity. Cut off and cast away what keeps you out of the Kingdom. Of course there was much more, but you get the idea. Next Sunday we will meet at the bakery in town and go from there to various locations to bless people who cannot get out to church due to illness or other reasons. This should be another awesome Sunday morning too! Join us for Bible study this Thursday night at 6:30pm. Let me know if you need a pass. Or we will see you Sunday morning at the bakery.

Come a bit early for your coffee and maybe some breakfast! It should be a fun day serving Jesus and serving others in His Name!